LEADER CONSULTING S.A. is a design and consulting company that provides engineering consultancy and technical project management services, aiming at the provision of integrated solutions.
The company cooperates with a number of designers, forming a team with increased capabilities of high quality. 


Technical Support for Local Authorities

Leader Consulting aims to provide technical support to Local Government Organizations and their bodies on development issues. In particular, Leader’s activities include the preparation of studies and consultancy services for the implementation of projects by local authorities through the use of co-funded programmes.

Consultancy services include the creation, drafting and submission of a detailed investment plan, in accordance with the specifications of the funding program.

Technical Support

Strategy Planning & Project Management

The provided services are design and supervision of private projects as well as the provision of services in the fields of architectural, structural, urban planning, spatial planning and environmental projects.

With a considerable experience, Leader Consulting provides Integrated services in construction and/or renovation of any building, whether residential or commercial, with guaranteed quality and with a highly competitive economic proposal.


Strategy Planning